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Term Life Insurance

York Financial Group through our Financial Partners offers several types of term life insurance coverage to meet your needs.

Family Term is the ideal choice for both temporary and life-time needs of families. It gives you assurance that your entire family will be taken care of when you die. It can provide an ongoing income to maintain your family's current lifestyle, pay off your mortgage or debts and provide money for your children's education.

Business Term is the ideal term choice for business owners. It offers low-cost life insurance protection that can be customized for your company's specific needs and fit within your business's cash flow. If you or a key person were to die unexpectedly, insurance can ensure that your business continues to provide enough funds for your beneficiaries to cover potential capital gains taxes and the collateral needed for debt financing.

Estate Insurance is available for individuals between the ages of 60 and 85 and offers protection to ensure that when you die your estate remains financially secure and that your capital gains are protected.

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