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"Mutual Funds Provided through Investia Financial Services Inc."

Investment Philosophy

Objectives, investment time-horizons, risk tolerance, income needs, tax circumstances and estate considerations are unique to each of us. As a result, a successful financial program should be designed with an eye to meeting the goals, aspirations and lifestyle that are specific to each client. The cornerstone of this process is building a stable, long-term relationship based on integrity, trust, respect and understanding.

Instead of trying to second guess what markets will do, we make decisions based on prudent diversification and long term value. We believe individuals should invest regularly, regardless of the market - use market dips to buy and reinvest all dividends. Our primary objective is to maximize returns and minimize the risk through diversification of funds, both in management style and global exposure.

Being independent investment fund advisors and Financial Planners we are able to present investors with a variety of products and services to maximize return while minimizing risk.

Your Investment Process with York Financial Group

  1. We meet to discuss your financial objectives. We complete a risk analysis of your individual performance requirements based on your current situation or future projected needs.

  2. We analyze a broad range of funds based on a number of criteria. We meet with fund company managers and officials, as well as undertaking research that is available from a number of different sources.

  3. We will, upon your acceptance of allowing us to invest your money, give you a portfolio recommendation that outlines where your money will be invested.

  4. We will conduct portfolio reviews based on your time lines. Some may want to meet quarterly or semi-annually, while others may want to meet yearly.

  5. We have an open door policy and you are welcome to drop in or call if you have any questions.

  6. We have the ability to offer you a portfolio summary over a secure web site showing you your current portfolio holdings and their fluctuations as the markets move up and down.

  7. We can set up scheduled withdrawals that are electronically wired to your bank account.

  8. We offer a number of other financial and tax services, along with wealth creation and preservation, and tax-free estate transfer solutions.

  9. We welcome your business and will strive to create a long-term business relationship.


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