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Family Term Insurance

Purchasing life insurance could be the most important decision you make toward protecting your family's future. Having the right amount of life insurance protection when you die will provide your family with a future that is financially secure.

Some of the benefits of Family Term insurance include:

  1. Protection for you and your family.
  2. Owning adequate life insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that your family will be taken care of when you die.

    Life insurance provides an ongoing income to maintain your family's current lifestyle.

    Life insurance can also be used to pay off your mortgage or debts and to provide money for your children's education.

    Unlike traditional term insurance plans, it offers the simplicity and savings of having one plan to cover your entire family.

  3. Flexibility to change as your needs change.
  4. Family Term coverage meets both your temporary and lifetime protection needs in the same plan.

    Coverage can easily be updated as your lifestyle and income change.

    You choose the payment option and amount that suits your budget and your needs.

  5. Easy to understand.
  6. Family Term insurance coverage is an easy-to-understand, low-cost insurance option.

    Your contract is written in plain, easy-to-read language.

    Your plan is easy to manage with statements and notices that are concise and understandable.

  7. Family Term Features.
  8. Family Term provides insurance coverage for a set period of time which you select and your costs remain the same for the duration. Coverage can be renewed and future payments are guaranteed.

    You can choose one or more of the following coverages in the same plan:

    • 10 year term coverage.
    • 20 year term coverage.
    • Life-time coverage (starting at age 40).

  9. Additional protection and options.
  10. Affordable protection for your children, including a guarantee that when they become adults, they can purchase life insurance, regardless of their health.

    Coverage for serious injuries or accidental death.

    Life insurance coverage for your parents to help you manage their estate costs.

    If you become disabled, monthly charges will be waived.

    A guarantee to purchase future life insurance without providing the normally required evidence that you are insurable.

  11. Standard benefits.
  12. Payment for bereavement counseling for your family in the event of a death.

    In case of terminal illness, you may be able to obtain a loan based on a portion of the death benefit.

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